SOS Animal Mallorca, in its desire to promote the adoption of animals in abandonment  situations or resignation, offers an educational program to the school centers that demand so. In this way, qualified staff of the association give training talks in the centers that request it: To students and future citizens. It is accompanied with visual material (posters, computer resources ...) and even with the visit of a four-legged member, if possible!

At the same time we want to highlight the work that the ESTIMA’LS Educational Innovation Project of IES Bendinat, coordinated by the teacher Antonia Juan, develops in Calvià. This project has the aim to educate its own students against mistreatment and animal abandonment, not only with training talks but through work for projects from different curricular subjects, interdisciplinary, but also visiting the facilities of the shelter. In this way they see in situ the real circumstances and situations of their municipality.

The success of ESTIMA’LS is so big that it will soon expand its area of influence and serve other centers in the municipality of Calvià, pioneer in many areas. Proof of this is the total support it receives from the Calvià City Council collaborating with the contribution of coach transportation from the Center to the Refuge.

If you want your students to be supportive, develop empathy, know and practice volunteering, educate themselves in values so they´re albe to do that to their lives in the future, as well as their relationships, to avoid conflict situations, do not hesitate. This is the way to educate to end abandonment and animal abuse!



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