Foster home are a fundamental help for our refuge. Doing it this way we can keep attending more animals that need us.

What does be a Foster home mean?


To host a dog, cat or any other pet temporally at your house in order to collaborate with your time and affection to someone who needs your help. It is important to be aware of this: The animal that you will welcome can be a puppy, a nursing, an orphan or could have medical needs, or an old one. The main goal is that the animal can be adopted by a family who could offer a definitive home.

Foster´s home advantages

  •           This can be your first touchdown with SOS Animal before you decide to have a pet permanently.
  •          To live the experience of feeling and giving love, as well as the company of someone in need.

Animal´s advantages

  •          They will have the oportunity of living in a proper house, and feel the warmth of family and home.
  •          They will feel more secure and will be able to learn family´s life habits.
  •          The chance of socializing and keep in touch with other people and animals.
  •          They can get recovered from their abandonment, their fears and abuse.
  •          Who knows?, maybe you fall in love and end up adopting it.