Godfather of travel?                              

Sometimes we hear these words but we don’t know what they mean or how it actually works although we want to help the animals. Now you will see… it is very easy.

If you travel frequently or you’re planning to travel to one of the destinations we are looking for (especially Germany, although others are not ruled out) you can help them in their transfer. With your ticket we will book one for the dog or cat that will be traveling with, because it has found a family that wants to be their Foster home or to adopt it. If the pet is small it can travel in the cabin of the plane. If you prefer it, the dogo r cat can go downstairs though. SOS Animal will look after all the costs of their ticket, as well as logistics.

 What does SOS Animal do?

ü  Get in touch with you. 

ü  The dog’s or cat’s flight booking.

ü  Stay with you about 2 hours before check-in (plane or ship) to check-in with you.

ü  Prepare the animal for the flight, take it and wait for boarding.

ü  Provide you with all your documentation.

ü  Give you the details of the person who will be waiting at destination to collect the animal.

ü  That person will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport / port of destination.

What will you be doing?

ü  Provide us the flight information so we can make the reservation.

ü  Be on time to check-in and if necessary, accompany us to customs.

ü  Pick up the dog / cat when leaving the luggage at destination and deliver it to the person we indicate.

To bring a dog or a cat from an association with you does not influence your luggage, because we pay all expenses and go to part. This is a safe process, with the right documentation. All the information we need to carry out the procedures are non-transferable and we will inform you of what we need.

How to be a godfather on a trip?

Remember that you can help us by flight or maybe by boat. Get in touch with us and the process will immediately started to ensure that those who have been lucky enough to find a family that loves them are soon with their new family.

Thank you for being godfathers!

You don't know how animals and us will thank you!