What does be a volunteer mean?

             Do you like animals, have spare time and want to have some fun? Then you´re the ideal volunteer!

Come to our refuge and help however you can or want. You have several options:

• Walking dogs: they need to walk to relax and forget for a while that they do not have a family that offers long walks.

• Clean and tidy up the different spaces of the shelter: cats, cat colonies, tidying up their their bedding ...

• Play with cats or with the puppy kittens.

• Accompany the sick ones or those who still aren´t confident enough.

• Participating in the organization and activities in special events (Open day at the shelter or our party in September in Puerto Portals) helping to organize stalls, get gifts for the raffle and many other issues.

What do you have to do?

Come to the shelter and get ready to have a good time. We can inform you how you can help.

It is not a commitment, but it is true that they like to see you visit them regularly. We assure you that once you come, you´ll want to repeat!