The SOS-Animal-Mallorca organisation was founded by a mixed group of Spanish and European nationals in 1995 on the island of Mallorca. The founders had been affected by the cruelty, neglect and the lack of understanding with regards to domestic animals that existed and felt there was a need for such a charity. Today, SOS-Animal-Mallorca has come a long way since it began 16 years ago, and has established itself as a recognised ambassador for the rights and protection of animals.

In 1998 SOS-Animal-Mallorca reached a collaboral agreement with the municipality of Calvià. This agreement, at the time was unique on the island of Mallorca and specified that abandoned and stray dogs would not be put down if not re-homed after three weeks as was generally accepted. Instead SOS-Animal-Mallorca would take over the fate of the animals and re-homing them. SOS-Animal-Mallorca is making every effort to find new homes for the animals, as well as providing for their every day needs until this aim is achieved. Through this agreement, SOS-Animal-Mallorca has already saved innumerable lives and will continue to save many more. SOS-Animal-Mallorca also helps animals from other kennels of Mallorca, helping over 1.000 animals each year.

In 2004 the foundation SOS-Animal was established in order to support the SOS-Animal-Mallorca organisation. Through this foundation, in the year 2008, the municipality of Calvià handed over a piece of land, on which SOS-Animal-Mallorca is sheltering their animals. In 2010, thanks to a sponsor, SOS-Animal-Mallorca was able to rent the land next to the animal pens of the municipality of Calvià for a periode of 30 years. At the moment SOS-Animal-Mallorca is about to finish their project to be able to achieve needed building permissions.


  • Defend the rights of animals and prevent their mistreatment.
  • Collaborate with local administrations to find a new home for the animals found in the kennels, as well as improve their living conditions.
  • Birth control campaigns for companion animals, with an emphasis on the street cats.
  • Report acts of cruelty to animals before administrations and public opinion.
  • Raise awareness and educate children and adults about the knowledge and needs of the animals who live in our environment.


Thanks to our collaboration with the municipality of Calvià, we have been able to save the lives of the vast majority of animals brought by community workers and individuals.

Since 2000, the association, in collaboration with the municipality of Calvià, the veterinary clinics of the district and later with BALDEA (the organization of private animal shelters, whose founding member is SOS Animal) and its mobile home, the greater campaign of birth control for wild cats in Mallorca. In recent years, around 700 cats have been castrated each year due to the great financial efforts and dedication of our volunteers. The results are obvious: fewer cats in the streets, fewer pitchers of cats in garbage cans and healthier animals. However, we should not diminish our vigilance. Since 2008, all the animals in our center have been castrated or given a castration certificate to prevent their reproduction. Currently, we have around 150 dogs and 400 cats each year.


  • To raise the necessary funds, with the Foundation, to expand our facilities in the area adjacent to the communal shelter and to create or complement the necessary infrastructure (a cat home, dog seats, an operating room, a warehouse, etc. .).
  • To ensure the financing of proper care of animals, for example,to have enough workers.
  • Increase volunteering and increase the number of members.
  • Expansion of the birth control campaign for street cats in cooperation with BALDEA.
  • Promote and improve knowledge about the behavior and needs of pets for young and old. Specific canine training courses.