This is little Coco  ♥️ RESERVED


Coco – a little magical dog with a sad story. We discovered Coco on the internet some time ago – he was supposed to be given away. Our lovely Antonia contacted me and offered to take him on immediately as an emergency foster home – so that we could then find for him a really good and permanent home. Thank God we were able to take the 6 years old Coco on and he was allowed to stay with Antonia for the time being. She quickly discovered that he probably had problems with his eyesight. We had him checked by an eye specialist and it was determined that he could hardly see anything. The various previous owners hadn’t even noticed this 😢. It is also certain that he has not been treated very well in his life so far😪.

Little Coco is actually coping well with his visual impairment; but of course he needs a consistent and clear environment. Then he can orientate himself really well. He also orientates himself well and strongly to his caregiver. Coco loves to go for walks together, is very affectionate towards people, loves to be cuddled and of course always wants to be there. We would like to find calm people for this little guy who really have a lot of time for him, give him a stable environment and of course take him in as a full member of the family. Coco is absolutely sweet and friendly to everyone. He also likes other dogs, but they should not be too wild or too big. That would scare him. Cats are no problem at all for him. One thing is for sure – he will bring a lot of joy and love to the people who take him in. And of course we hope to find these people very soon. Please help by sharing!

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.