Dulci und ihre Babies 😍🥰

(in a foster home)

We found Dulci in Illetas just before giving birth. Dulci is a beautiful 😍 tortoiseshell persian mix cat with lots of fur. The poor kittie is only 1 year old and was abandoned, she had knots allover.

In her foster home her 4 babies Lucy (tabby female), Leonardo (tabby male with white), Michuchu (black and white male) and Berlioz (black male) were born at the end of March. All 4 seem to have long fur like their mum.

She is shy at first due to her abandonment but it is obvious that she was raised with humans, she loves cuddles and she can stay hours in your lap. She is very calm and lovely ❤️, she never makes a bad gesture, she is just perfect 😍. As she is afraid of other adult cats Dulci is up for adoption with Lucy.

Leonardo and Michuchu are inseparable. Berlioz is already reserved and will live in a home with other young cats. As Dulci is a super mummy and takes very good care of her babies, her little ones are also of calm character, very very affectionate 🥰 and super playful 🧸🎾🎏. They have a great time with their little mice and balls 😂.

All of them will be adopted dewormed, tested, vaccinated, chipped and with castration commitment. Apart from Dulci who will be neutered soon.

We are looking for two loving families for all their life. All of them will need a fenced garden or a sunny terrace with a safety net.

If you want to meet them please contact us via Email.