🦊 Foxy 🦊

This gorgeous long-haired black beauty is our little Foxy. Foxy is a young cat, she is 1 and a half years old. She is small in size and really BEAUTIFUL😻. This female is very affectionate with the human being, she is always scrubbing and looking for attention. A real cutie 🥰. Foxy does not tolerate other cats, she likes to be the queen and receives all the attention, so she should be a unique cat👑. It must also be made clear that dogs are quite scary😖. She loves to spend the day browsing and exploring nature🌱, so her future home needs to have a garden so she can continue hiking😹.

We look for Foxy a quiet home, away from stress, with a family that treats her like the queen she is, gives her love and all the little cans she wants💗 (many !!). We want her to be the spoiled baby she likes to be😍. Interested in Foxy, feel free to contact us please.

Love at first sight?

Would you like to give this lovely cat a new home? If so please send us an email. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.