This is Francesco  ♥️ RESERVED


… an absolute heart dog with a lot of charm and positive charisma – a dog that simply does you good. This is Francesco. The almost two-year-old male dog has been at our animal shelter in Calvià for a few weeks now. He was handed in to us together with his dog buddy Donatello. Even though he probably hasn’t really got to know much in his life so far, he’s just great. He is incredibly sweet and friendly, very affectionate and people orientated; he wants to please and he learns quickly. He has lived with several other dogs in the past and has shown himself to be compatible with everyone so far. Cats he thinks are “it goes like this”. When they are sitting somewhere they don’t bother him – when they run, they do irritate him. Francesco could live very well as a family dog. However, children should already be dog-savvy, as the young male dog likes to become a “bouncy dog” when he is happy – and then he jumps up really high😁.

Francesco is something very special – he has already convinced us all of that. And of course he only deserves the very best home, which we hope he gets very soon. With people who really have enough time for him; who are prepared to work on a few things with him (which he simply doesn’t know yet), who live in the countryside rather than in the centre of a big city and who of course can do lots of things with him. Francesco loves being active with his caregiver and exploring new things. Another dog would not be a problem at all, but rather an enrichment – as long as the chemistry is right, of course. We would be happy to provide further information about Francesco in personal contact. Please share – thank you very much!

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.