The Friendly Four 😍🥰

(in a foster home, joint adoption)

Dora the explorer is a very curious and friendly cat. Dora has a lovely, calm personality it could even be said that she is a little bit shy at first. Dora loves to hang out with her sister Skippy. After a fun day of exploring her favourite pastime is to fall asleep on your lap. Simply put, she is aDORAble and looks forward to exploring your house and becoming your new best friend.

Skippy identifies as a kangaroo, she bounces around the house and after one of her frequent naps can be seen partaking in some yoga stretches. As a regular on the yoga mat, she exudes an aura of calm. When not bouncing around the room she likes to cuddle with her best friend, her sister Dora. Skippy is a very friendly cat and in winter will help keep your energy bills low as her favourite place to cuddle and sleep is in the crook of your neck.

As a teeny, tiny kitten, Bernard reminded us of Beethoven the St Bernard dog. Bernard is energetic and loves to play. Bernard is a friendly cat who will need some space to run around in. Once Bernard has run out of energy he will come for a cat nap on your lap and purr himself to sleep whilst receiving snuggles.

Hector was the runt of the litter, we received him when he was was far to think and it was thought he would not survive. After receiving lots of food and even more love, Hector is growing bigger and stronger every day. After his tough start in life, Hector just wants to make the most of life and give back all the love he has received to whoever is lucky enough to let him into their family. Hector needs to receive as much love as he gives and demands snuggles and affections throughout the day.

They are already dewormed and have received their first vaccines. They will be up for adoption with microchip and castration commitment.

Love at first sight?

Would you like to give these beauties a new home? If so please send us en  email. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.