This is Luna ♥️ RESERVED


We took over the six-year-old Breton from the Perrera Natura Park a few days ago, together with her dog buddy Laika. In the meantime, both of them have recovered a little bit from all the stress. And it is hard to believe – but we have actually found a wonderful foster home in Germany for Luna’s 11-year-old companion Laika, in cooperation with our colleagues at She will hopefully be able to travel to Germany with our carrier at the beginning of August. Now we have to intensify our efforts regarding Luna, because she should not be left behind.

Luna – a really great bitch – but also a typical Breton bitch. She is unbelievably loving, gentle, approachable, affectionate, open and friendly – really to everyone so far and without fear of contact. Maybe a little bit cautious at first, as she has been through a lot. But – and this is really not to be underestimated – outdoors in the nature she is a real Breton. The breed connoisseurs know immediately what we mean😁. Outside, the switch is still flipped for the time being and she immediately goes into the “hunting mode” (cats included). Attentive, alert, spirited and always on the alert and nose to the grindstone. So it is absolutely important that we find her the right people – people who understand this breed and can also handle it. And who already have dog experience, because she is not a dog for beginners. Consistent leadership is absolutely important, but without harshness. Luna needs active people who can do justice to her urge to move and her temperament. She is very clever, attentive and absolutely willing to learn. An unbelievably great and very special bitch with a lot of potential. Again, one of those dogs that have two faces 😁. We wish very much that Luna will find her own family very soon.

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.