Today we talk about Maiatza 😍🥰

(in a foster home)

She appeared in a garden in Santa Ponsa 2 years ago, when she was about 6 months old. She had a collar on but she wasn’t neutered and nobody claimed her. It was obviously another abandonment 😡. Since then Eli takes care of her, but because of her work he travels very often. While Eli is away, someone else goes to feed her, but Maiatza feels lonely and cries 😧. That’s why we are looking for someone who will love her and has more time to spend with her.

What Maiatza likes most is to be in the garden 🏡, to climb trees 🌳🌴 and chase the little bugs 🦗🕷️, she is a very good hunter. She likes to play fetch and loves to be caressed on her head 😍. She likes to be at home when it’s cold, and she behaves super well, she doesn’t break anything, she likes fur blankets, she kneads them and purrs. She eats small amounts, but several times a day.

Maiatza is dewormed, tested, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.  We are looking for someone who has time for her and who lives in a house 🏡 where she can go for walks.  If you want to meet her, please send us an Email