This is Mani  ♥️


Happiness is really absent for this 11-year-old senior dog. And we hope that we can change that very soon. Mani ended up as a lost and found dog in the Perrera some time ago and, as often, no one ever asked about him. He was in a bad state – physically but also “mentally”, you could tell immediately. Unfortunately, two placements didn’t work and Mani is now with us at the shelter. It’s not surprising that the little guy is quite confused and approaches everything with great caution. Where should trust come from at the moment? But Mani wants – he wants so much. He wants to be able to trust again, he wants to belong, he wants to be a real family member. But Mani has a history and he hasn’t really experienced much good, especially lately. We have to take that into account. And he also had surgery last week.

We wish for calmer, preferably older people for the little guy, with a lot of patience and time. People who give him the time he needs. Mani should be allowed to live with his family as a single prince. He likes most of the other dogs, sometimes even very much – but in his home he doesn’t want to have to share the attention – and that is more than welcome. He loves going for walks together, but after that they can go their separate ways 😉. Cats are no problem at all at the moment. He stays out of their way. Small children should not be present at the moment, as Mani first needs to calm down and gain confidence. But he will certainly do that very quickly with the right people. Mani walks well on the leash, can be called off easily and is very affectionate towards his owner. It would be so nice if he could leave the kennel very soon – but this time please for good 🍀. Please share – thank you very much

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.