This is Niro ♥️ RESERVED


Now he has been with us at the shelter in Calvià for some time. And nothing has happened at all for the handsome male 4 years old – and “disposed” by his old family since offspring was pending. Niro is still suffering from the situation. He is still in our quarantine, which is a disaster for him – because Niro is completely housebroken as a former family dog. He cannot shit in his enclosure. We hope so much that we will find a family for him very soon. Niro is absolutely great with people.

He is open, friendly, approachable and looking for closeness. But he is also active and loves to move and he loves ball games more than anything. So for this handsome and really smart guy we are looking for people who like to be active and close to nature themselves and who really have a lot of time for him. Because Niro has developed a fear of loss (understandably) and so you have to train him to stay alone again – step by step with patience and calm.
He must first build up trust again and know where he really belongs – then staying alone will also work well again. Niro has no problem with most other dogs so far, but the reunion must take place without stress – then it works well. Cats he finds somehow tolerable – close to his current accommodation in our quarantine there is a cat that he tolerates completely – outside, however, it looks a bit different at the moment. Niro is a really great, special and sensitive dog with a lot of potential and he will be a great companion for life to the right people. But then please really forever – and as a full family member ❤️

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.