This is Pamina  ♥️ RESERVED


The beautiful Pamina – already a little Queen of the Night – is about 1 1/2 years old and she was found some time ago, together with her brother Onyx.
Both of them were taken up together as lost dogs in the Perrera Calvià and from there we were able to take them over after the waiting time was over. The beautiful Pastor Mallorquin bitch is very affectionate and sweet and she loves to be close to her owner.

But Pamina, like her brother Onyx, has not yet had much training and this is especially noticeable when she is out for a walk. Pamina is also very strong on the leash and still has a lot to learn. Apart from that, the young bitch is really great. Open, incredibly friendly, very agile and smart. She also needs people who like to be active themselves and involve her fully. Pamina’s people should also live in a rural area, have already got to grips with the breed and have plenty of time. Pamina needs and seeks contact with people very much. So she absolutely has to be taken in as a full member of the family. Pamina is also a protection and watchdog – but also a best friend and companion if she is properly trained. For the right people absolutely a bitch to fall in love with – that’s for sure. Please share – thank you very much!

Love at first sight?

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