This is Pesto  ♥️


Only recently we were able to take over this handsome male mongrel from the Perrera Natura Park to us to Calvia. He had already been there for five long months and of course he suffered a lot from the situation. Pesto, who is two years old, loves and needs contact with people and other dogs. Pesto is a really great little guy. He is open, curious, friendly to everyone and really people-oriented.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about his background, as he ended up as a “vagabundo” in the Perrera. But in line with his age, Pesto likes to be active and is often still impetuous and simply clueless. Actually, he is a bit like a giant baby – full of zest for action and discovery, but still without much education. Oh, and he also likes water. Pesto is now neutered and tested negative for leishmaniosis – so he is absolutely ready for his new start.

We would like to find people for this really special dog who like to be active themselves, who have a lot of time for him, but who will still guide him with loving consistency. Cats should not be present in any case. As we do not know anything about his past, children (if any) should not be too young and already have a basic understanding of dogs. For us, Pesto is simply a dream dog at the moment – a rough diamond with a lot of potential and guaranteed to be a huge enrichment for the right people …

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you