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Beautiful Tomeu ♥️

(June  2024)

When you think of “Perrera” here on the island, you immediately think of our two large rescue centres, Natura Park and Son Reus. But there are also a few other smaller ones. And these are often overlooked.  But even there, many dogs are sometimes kept for a very long time, desperately waiting for a chance – a family.
Tomeu, for example, is waiting in our perrera in Calvià (our animal shelter is right next door). In August he will have stayed there for a whole year. He has been found without a chip – and nobody ever asked about him. Tomeu was almost a baby back then 😔. He is now about one and a half years old and has unfortunately had to spend a very important part of his development here. Of course, at some point, the dogs somehow adjust to the situation. But they still suffer. From the heat, from the cold, from the stress, underchallenge and lack of exercise and especially, of course, from “being alone”. That’s how it is in Perreras and animal shelters – more in the one and less in the other.

Today we took Tomeu to our exercise area. And this beautiful Staffordshire crossbreed could hardly believe his luck and really let off steam 😊. Tomeu really likes people – he is very friendly towards everyone and has naturally developed a strong bond with our perreros over time. Of course, he is very active given his age and he still needs some training.  This has of course been neglected in his life so far.
But Tomeu is smart, eager to learn and open. He already walks quite well on the lead and can (mostly😉) be called off. He just really needs a real chance at least.
As he doesn’t have many opportunities for direct contact with other dogs at the moment, you have to work on this with him bit by bit. At the moment he is still a bit impetuous – he hasn’t had a chance to really learn social behaviour. But he will soon learn this under the right guidance.  You need a licence to keep Tomeu because of his breed. We can of course help you to obtain a licence (which is not difficult).
Tomeu is a really great guy – actually more of a rough diamond – who of course absolutely belongs to the right people.

He should go to people who really have enough time, who don’t live in the city centre, who are already familiar with the breed and have some dog experience.
Tomeu will be a great companion and best friend to such people. Tomeu can be met at any time, by appointment, at the Perrera Calvià.