Become a volunteer and help us control the cat population!

CONTROL OF STRAY OR COLONY CATS’ BIRTHS. The municipality of Calvià is a pioneer in implementing the widespread TNR program (trap/neuter/return) – the only ethical solution to curb the stray cat population. Thanks to the voluntary efforts of SOS Animal, the Calvià municipality, Baldea, and the cooperating veterinary clinics in Calvià, over 500 stray cats are spayed/neutered each year – the most extensive sterilization campaign on the island. However, we need your support. If an unspayed/unneutered stray cat is in your garden or if you are feeding a small colony, please call us immediately. Only stray cats with a notch in their ear have been spayed/neutered. Please don’t wait until there are 5-10 or 20 cats! Call SOS Animal or the Environmental Department of the Calvià municipality.

Help us curb the population of stray cats! If a stray cat doesn’t have a notch in its ear, contact us or the Environmental Department of the municipality. We provide traps to catch the cat so it can be spayed/neutered. Don’t wait until you see an unspayed/unneutered cat! Don’t hesitate, take action to prevent unwanted offspring in time. Using the illustration above, you can easily understand how many little kittens can be born – from just a single cat pair.

Thank you for your support!