We often receive the question: What is a flight companion, and how does it work? You do not know much about it, but would like to help the animals. Now you can see that it is very simple. If you are a person who frequently travels or if you are planning to travel by plane to cities where we have adoptive families waiting, then you can help us. With your ticket, we reserve a spot for the dog or cat to travel with you. If it is a small dog or a cat, they can travel in the cabin with your consent. Large and medium-sized dogs travel as cargo in the cargo hold. SOS Animal covers the costs and logistics involved.

What does SOS Animal?

  • We take up contact with you.
  • The reservation of dog or cat.
  • We prepare the animal for the flight and bring it to the airport.
  • We meet you 2 hours before check-in.
  • We will give you contact details of the receiving person.


What will you do?

  • You give us the flight information for the reservation.
  • You will be 2 hours before check-in at the airport to meet us.
  • If cargo has been booked, you can collect the animal from the cargo counter at the destination and hand it over to the designated recipient who will be waiting for you.

Here you can register with your flight dates. Thank you in advance!