OUR TEAM • with a big heart for animals

Maxi Lange

“When I co-founded the SOS Animal association in Calvia in 1995 with fellow animal lovers, I could have never dreamt how much effort, responsibility, but also moments of success would come my way. It’s always worth rallying all our strengths time and again to help the most vulnerable members of society – the dogs and cats who cannot defend themselves.”

Ortrud Tannenbaum

“Efficient animal welfare can only be successful thanks to your financial support. I utilize my talents to ensure transparency, proper administration, and necessary accounting.”

Anke Schürmann
with Negra

“As being the responsible person for the dogs in our association, it is very dear to my heart to advocate for dogs in need. Every dog deserves a loving home and the opportunity for a happy life. It is wonderful to assist these dogs in leaving their past behind.”

Katrin Volkmann

“As the person in charge of cats in our organization, I especially love taking care of rescued kittens. However, adult cats also hold a special fascination for me. Every day, cats are abandoned or try to survive on our streets – yet they are the most wonderful companions for us humans.”


Manuel, Anke and Johanna with Brad: “We love bringing wonderful animals together with wonderful people. It is truly fulfilling and heartwarming to experience time and again how families expand through the four-legged companions we facilitate, and a deep connection and love blossom. You can literally feel the sense of happiness …”


“I have always loved cats, and I am dedicated to caring for these fascinating creatures. Their grace and loving nature inspire me anew every day. My goal is to raise awareness of their needs and provide them with a happy life.”

Manuel with Lua

“The unconditional love and loyalty that dogs give us deeply fascinate me. Every day, I work towards providing a better life for as many neglected animals as possible. It is a great motivation for me to witness how rescued dogs develop and regain their zest for life.”

Rocío and Juss

“Every cat entrusted to us, with its unique personality, receives unconditional love, care, and attention from us until they find a new and wonderful home. The purring sounds, gentle touches, and playful moments enrich our everyday lives and remind us why we are so dedicated to animal welfare.”


“Capturing stray cats to take them to veterinarians for neutering is a tough and challenging job. Unfortunately, this procedure is absolutely necessary to ultimately improve the feral cat population, preventing it from becoming a real problem by getting out of control.”

Rosa with Lua

“I have always loved animals, and I truly feel needed and appreciated in the SOS Animal team. Thanks too from my part to all helpful hands!”

Social Media-Team

Without Instagram & Facebook, it wouldn’t be possible to present and place our animals on a daily basis. Many thanks to Sebastian, Simone, and Nina for your tireless dedication!


Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, the Schöckler family, who made our new online presentation possible, as well as web designer Silvia de Couët.

More hardworking helpers

José with Bongo

Bea with Conejito

Elena & Sara

Laura & Sebastian with Leo