The Association SOS-Animal

was founded in 1995 on the island of Mallorca by Spanish and foreign animal and nature enthusiasts who could no longer stand idly by witnessing the suffering of animals, the shortcomings in pet ownership, and the lack of understanding for animals as sentient beings.

After several years of supporting various animal shelters, in 1998 SOS Animal signed a collaboration agreement with the Calvià Municipality and established itself on the same premises as the municipal animal shelter. This unique agreement at that time in Mallorca allowed us to assist many animals that would otherwise have been euthanized.

Since then, year after year, SOS Animal has been helping to find homes for dogs and cats in Calvià as well as the municipal shelter. Thanks to the excellent collaboration, we are proud to declare Calvià as a zero-sacrifice municipality. Additionally, we take in animals when space is available.

In 2004, the SOS Animal Foundation was created, and in 2008, the Calvià Municipality granted the foundation the land where the current shelter is located for a period of 30 years. Furthermore, in 2008, SOS Animal leased a piece of land for 30 years, where the dog and cat areas and a cat colony are situated.

All tame cats and kittens from the Calvià municipality are housed in the shelter and in private foster homes. Through municipality-led sterilization campaigns, birth control is conducted for feral and community cats using the TNR method (Trap-Neuter-Return).

All animals are vaccinated, microchipped, and have a passport before they are adopted. Most dogs and cats are neutered prior to adoption, except for veterinary contraindications or their young age, in which case a commitment to neutering (through a voucher) is given. This is the only sustainable approach to tackling the issue of uncontrolled breeding of unwanted animals.



A Heart for Animals in Need

Unfortunately, without financial support, it is challenging for us to operate. We appreciate any contribution, no matter how small, but regular donations are especially valuable to us. Setting up a recurring payment, such as a standing order, allows us to plan our budget effectively and efficiently. Your ongoing support enables us to continue our work and make a significant impact in the lives of animals in need.

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Larger donations from companies or inheritances could be too processed through the foundation “Fundacion SOS ANIMAL,” established by the association and sponsors in 2004, as only the foundation is authorized to issue tax-deductible donation receipt