BALDEA, founded in 2005, is the voice of animal welfare organizations in the Balearic Islands and advocates for the well-being of animals, including pets, livestock, and circus animals. SOS ANIMAL is one of the founding members of this organization, actively contributing to its efforts to protect and care for animals in the region.


The Tierhilfe Spanien e.V. has been supporting SOS-Animal shelter since 2004. The foster homes in Hamburg and Cologne play a significant role in providing care for the dogs and cats until they find their forever homes. Their dedication ensures the well-being and preparation of these animals for their final adoption.

The animals from SOS Animal are transported to Germany with the help of flight escorts. These dedicated individuals volunteer their time and effort to accompany the animals on their journey, ensuring their safe arrival in Germany. This collaboration allows the animals to have a chance at finding loving homes in a new country.