Our association is primarily funded through various donations generously provided by animal lovers. However, we often lack the necessary financial resources to provide all our animals with the care they deserve. The number of abandoned animals is increasing, and more and more pet owners surrender their animals to us because their personal situations have worsened and they no longer feel capable of providing care and support. Many times, animals are also surrendered because they have aged and/or fallen ill. Additionally, we also receive mistreated or unsocialized dogs and cats. For many of these animals, the prospect of being adopted soon is difficult, and for some, it means spending the rest of their lives in the shelter.

As you can see, animal protection not only demands a lot of time but is also costly. One way to support our work is by taking on the sponsorship of one of our beneficiaries. Each sponsor decides how much they want to contribute monthly (for reference, current sponsorships range between 10 and 100 € per month).

You can choose a dog or a cat from the photos on the SOS Animal website or Facebook page, or directly at the shelter. Ask for information about the neediest animals or any questions you may have. Then, fill out this form and send it to our coordinator, Margitta Kempis, via email: margittakempis@hotmail.com, or through WhatsApp: +34 669201655.

If you don’t have access to a form, please get in touch with the coordinator directly. She will also provide you with photos and information about the animal you’re sponsoring and will update you from time to time on how it’s doing. The sponsorship automatically ends when the animal is adopted at the end of the month. You will be notified and simultaneously receive a PROPOSAL for a new sponsored animal. Moreover, you can cancel the sponsorship in writing with one month’s notice.

We would be delighted if you decide to become a sponsor.