Do you have a heart for animals and want to make a permanent difference? We welcome new members who actively support us in our efforts to help needy dogs and cats.

This is what it means to become a member of SOS ANIMAL MALLORCA:

  • Active participation: Foster care, airport transport, assistance at the shelter Financial
  • Material donations such as: Medications, blankets and towels, transport crates
  • Sponsorships such as: Flight escorts: Accompany an animal on your next flight home

Here is the membership registration form in PDF format for download: folleto engl-deutsch 2023.


Rescue of Stray Dogs and Cats

The SOS-Animal association was founded in 1995 by foreign and Mallorcan animal lovers. Since 1998, the association has had a cooperative agreement with the municipality of Calvia, which regulates collaboration in the care and adoption of dogs and cats at the Calvia animal shelter. Since then, no adoptable animals have been euthanized at the municipal shelter. We also assist animals from other shelters, providing them with foster care. In 2004, the SOS Animal Foundation was established. In 2008, a property was leased, and a project is currently being planned.


Neutering of Cats
The most essential part of our animal welfare work is prevention through animal sterilization, in order to halt the constant influx of puppies and kittens. Since the year 2000, we have been conducting the most extensive cat sterilization campaign in the Balearic Islands. Annually, 600 cats in the Calvia municipality area are trapped, sterilized, and then released. We attempt to find homes for friendly cats. Kittens adopted from our shelter receive a sterilization voucher, while dogs are sterilized, or we offer affordable sterilization services.

Raising awareness about proper animal care and fostering an understanding of animal suffering is another crucial aspect of our work. Only through competent and compassionate attitudes towards animals can we prevent their suffering at its roots. We present our work and provide informational materials at local festivals and events.