In its efforts to promote the adoption of abandoned or surrendered animals, SOS ANIMAL Mallorca offers an education program to all interested schools. As part of this program, qualified staff members of the organization engage in informative discussions with students, supported by visual aids and, when possible, even accompanied by a four-legged assistant!

In this context, we would like to highlight the work carried out by the innovative educational project ESTIMA’LS (meaning “Treasure Them” or “Love Them” in Mallorcan) coordinated by teacher Antonia Juan at IES Bendinat in the Calvià municipality area. This project was established to educate students about animal abuse and neglect, not only through informational talks but also through interdisciplinary project work based on various curricula, as well as visits to the facilities of the animal shelter. In this way, students gain firsthand knowledge of the real circumstances and situations within their community.


The success of ESTIMA’LS has been so significant that its influence will soon be expanded and extended to other school centers in the municipality of Calvià. Calvià is taking a leading role in this regard, as evidenced by the comprehensive support of ESTIMA’LS by the Calvià City Council, including transportation from school to the animal shelter.

If you want your students to develop solidarity and empathy, to become familiar with and engage in volunteer work, and to develop values that they can apply to their lives and relationships in order to avoid conflict situations, rest assured that this is the right education when it comes to putting an end to the abuse and neglect of animals!

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