2. Advent still with Bongo

Bongo celebrates the 2. Advent still with us

Today, our Bongo is ushering in the second week of Advent. Our “long-term residents” are always entitled to this – which unfortunately includes our Bongo😞. This will be the third Christmas for the now 8-year-old Bongo at the animal shelter in Calvià. And no – we would never have expected that. But we will never give up hope for our Bongo – our wonderful and very special Bongo. Because somewhere out there his people are waiting for him – we are sure of that. And we must and will find them 🙏🏻.

Our Bongo should not be posing with his Christmas hat in the shelter – but in a home of his own next to his own family. Another huge Christmas wish from all of us – for Bongo ❤️🎅.

Please share Bongo’s search again – thank you very much.