Event “Luxxxus hilft”  of 07.10.2023 in Port Adriano

What happened to the donations?

 Thanks to the wonderful initiative of Simona Sigmund with her successful event “Luxxxus helps” on October 7, 2023 in Port Adriano in favor of SOS Animal in Calvia, we were already able to realize some of the planned improvements in our animal shelter. From the successful donation sum of €31,000, we were able to have a sum (including subsequent donations) of €25,000 at our disposal after deducting the total costs of €6,152 for the organization and expenses of the event.

The following were implemented: repair of fences in the cat area, separations of some outdoor enclosures for the dogs, two new enclosures, all with the necessary foundations as well as safety corridors in front of the dog enclosures with the associated doors. Since the outdoor enclosures are located on sloping ground, earth was filled in, leveled and laid out in terraces with cement. A large dog house was built, and the roofs of the dog houses were weatherproofed with tile-like material.

We would like to thank Simona once again for all her efforts in putting together such a beautiful event, and all the sponsors who made it possible for us to further improve our animal shelter with their generous donations. Thank you!