Happy End for our little Alma …♥️

Found on the street – ended up as a lost and found dog in the Perrera – and no one ever asked for her. No longer wanted at the age of 4 months. But for Alma, despite everything, it was great luck. After we were able to take her over from the Perrera, she was allowed to move directly to a great foster home on the island and grow up there with other dogs and cats – until we were able to find the right “forever family” for her. And of course we found it – in great cooperation with our colleagues from www.vergessene-pfoten-stuttgart.de 😄.

A few weeks ago, the active little speedster was allowed to travel to Germany with Dogs on Road to Franzi and her two daughters. And she has definitely found her dream home there. Because little Alma needs so much – so much love, so much attention, so much exercise, so much time and so much “everything” 😁. And that’s what she’s getting now – especially from the two girls, of course, whom little Alma wrapped up immediately.

We are very happy that the little one has found such a nice home with you and we wish you an exciting and great time together ❤️.