And once again Bongo  ♥️


Now let’s just start all over again: For our Bongo … ♥️ With a whole new post and a whole new description. Long-term inmate 😳 a terrible word, but one that unfortunately reflects our Bongo’s situation exactly … No one who meets him at the shelter can even begin to understand that this wonderful senior dog has been at the shelter for two years. Nevertheless, he has become a long-term inmate. And somehow he has slipped more and more into the background 😞. But we definitely want to change that now. Bongo is now nearly 8 years old and a handsome mongrel. He ended up at our shelter because his old master had to leave the island due to illness.

Bongo is a really lovable, friendly and sociable male dog, but he also has a mind of his own. A great and special character dog. And that is exactly what makes Bongo special. So far, Bongo really gets along with everyone – and he can go out for a walk with almost anyone and is easy to lead. Of course, Bongo has his favourite people – and he bonds with them very quickly and full of trust. He has no problems with most other dogs, but he wouldn’t necessarily need them to live together. His humans are much more important to him. Although we think that he could and would live well with,  or example, a sovereign, calm and perhaps older bitch at his side. Bongo doesn’t really need much to be a happy dog. People, preferably older, who lead a rather quiet life – who live in a rural area – who have a lot of time and preferably a garden. That would probably be what Bongo would choose. He loves to go for walks together, but does not need to walk long distances. Add to that lots of affection, lots of time together and of course a few “delicious treats 😄 ” – and we have a very happy Bongo. That should be possible. 2 years in the shelter – that shouldn’t mean that you are simply forgotten. It is more than enough. Please help and support us in finding his people – please share our post.

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.