And still our Bongo … 😔 ♥️


What’s going wrong here for our BONGO … 😔🙏?

Bongo will celebrate his 9th birthday in March – but not at our shelter again, please 😔? He came to us in Calvià in October 2021 and none of us ever thought he would still be with us today. Almost 2 1/2 years – such an incredibly long time – Bongo’s precious lifetime, which he could have spent with his own people. Ok, looking back doesn’t get us anywhere here – and that’s why we only want to look forward FOR Bongo. The past years have shaped him to what he is today. A still very lovable, mostly cosy, sometimes a little grumpy, but still very people-oriented senior dog – our “Bongo Bear”.

How much we would love to let him go – how happy we would be if he could finally find his humans. Our wish list hasn’t changed much either. People, preferably older, without small children, and also without cats, with a finca or a house with a garden, in a quiet and low-stress environment. Bongo would like to finally arrive and enjoy the rest of his life in peace – but please make sure he has a family connection. Lying in the garden in the sun, nice walks together through nature and of course lots of cuddles, however please no major stress – that would be just right for this great male. Bongo already chooses his people – but if he trusts then he trusts them properly. Many people have already got to know him and everyone is delighted with him. But no one has yet been able to fulfil his greatest wish – a real home. By the way, we believe that Bongo would definitely be happy to have another dog buddy, or perhaps even more likely a female one. Perhaps of a similar age and, of course, already at peace with himself. The idea of giving him a family for his 9th birthday – priceless 🙏♥️.

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.

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