Brad is waiting … ❤️


He’s been sitting with us in our animal shelter in Calvia for well over 1 year – it’s hard to understand 😞. The very pretty shepherd mix was handed over to the Perrera Calvia almost 2 years ago and we were able to take him over to us after almost 6 months. And here he is still sitting, waiting and waiting – month after month – day after day.

The very active, curious and alert male is 7 years old and he still suffers from being locked in, even if he has of course somehow managed the situation. He has no other choice either. Brad loves and needs exercise, activity and occupation – and these things were of course too often denied to him at the moment, or just come up short. Accordingly, this leads to stress and does not really benefit him – at the moment unfortunately also in relation to his weight (but that can be changed quickly😉). Brad is a really friendly, open, people-oriented, very smart, but also observant and watchful male who definitely should go to people experienced with dogs. Small children should not be present. People with enough time (if possible with a garden) who are also willing to work with him and lead him with loving consistency, will find a great companion in him. Clear guidance is very important here, as Brad has a mind of his own and reacts accordingly in some situations. Cats will definitely never belong to his friends and with regard to other dogs sympathy simply decides (as with humans too). However, without the stress factor “animal shelter” in a stable home, many things will definitely develop positively (again). Brad is a really great dog who really needs his chance now. And then he will definitely use it and become a loyal, reliable and loyal friend to his new owner. Please share our search again as often as possible – 2 years of animal shelter / perrera are really more than enough 😥 – thank you very much

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving Brad finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.