Happy End for our little Ambra …♥️

Some time ago, Ambra’s old family asked us for help. They had found Ambra’s mum, probably abandoned, when she was pregnant, and took her home to help her. Ambra and her siblings were born there. However, it was clear that they would have to leave the island again and so they asked us for help. Ambra then was lucky to move to a great foster home when her old family left, where she was allowed to continue living with lots of other dogs and cats until we were able to find the right family for her. This family was actually found by chance – or rather, the two dogs found each other 😁. Gisela and Frederic visited Ambra’s foster home with their dog Luna. There was a very special bond between Ambra and Luna right from the very first minute, also with Gisela and Frederic – because there was probably no one who could have resisted the beautiful little Ambra. They had been thinking about a second dog for some time anyway. But of course it had to be a good match – especially between the dogs.

However, the dogs took this decision away from them in advance. It was a perfect match. Little Ambra, who is not little anymore, was allowed to move to her new family on their finca very quickly. So Ambra remains an island girl. I was recently allowed to visit Ambra and met a happy, relaxed and totally settled family dog again. That’s how it should be – just like this . We and of course Ambra’s former foster mum are very happy and wish you a great time together ❤️