Happy End for little Coco ❤️

This little guy has also gone through several stages in his life before he is finally allowed to arrive – and for good. Coco was given to the Perrera when he was less than one year old. From there he was adopted. However, the family quickly realised that the little guy is very lively, needs a lot of time and activities and that the family cat did not really get along with Coco either. Thank God they asked us for help and together with our colleagues from www.vergessene-pfoten-stuttgart.de we were able to look for a really good and final solution. And we found it 🙂 .

Selina discovered Coco on our colleagues’ Facebook page and was actually immediately in love. She was looking for a small, sporty and active companion – a compatible little dog who would also accompany her to her horse and spend a lot of time with her in nature. Well, that looked like a great match between Selina and Coco – since a few weeks now 🙂. Only the situation between Coco and Selina’s two cats still need to relax a bit – but they are all on the best way together. We are very happy and wish you a great and exciting life together!