Happy End for our Panda ♥️

If we were to ask the beautiful male bobtail how he is doing now, or how he has been doing in the last few days, he would probably answer – “just like at dream ❤️”. We were recently asked for help to find a new home for Panda. And of course there was a lot of response to our Facebook post. But there was also a very special contact – namely that of Sally, a much valued animal welfare colleague here on the island. It was clear from the start that this would be a dream location.

However, there were a few things that needed to be checked in advance. For example, the good Panda had to get on well with the rest of the family – which includes the family dog Dipsy, cats and goats. And they all live together as one big family. And Alastair, her husband, is allergic to some dogs. But Panda has mastered everything, really everything with flying colours. And Ali and Panda were also able to “smell” each other without any problems 🙂. The 2-year-old male has been living with his new family here on the island for a few days now and everything is going well. Dipsy has also decided that Huxley – as Panda is now called – can be a new best friend. And one thing we can say from the bottom of our hearts – Huxley has found a dream home – in a paradise for animals and people. It couldn’t be better ❤️. And today we have finalised the adoption. It couldn’t be nicer. And the photos speak for themselves. We are delighted and wish you a wonderful first Christmas together 🎅♥️