A few weeks ago, we were asked for help in finding a new home for this special dog – his family simply couldn’t meet his needs anymore due to personal reasons. So, the request for help was the right way to go. And then fate took its course. Through dear acquaintances (and former adopters), we got in touch with Oly. His dog had passed away some time ago, and he was now ready to give another dog, of course from animal rescue, a home.

And then Oly saw photos and videos of Trasto – and we can clearly say here, “it was love at first sight.” The decision was made quickly – even before we officially introduced Trasto.

“That’s mine – I feel it – it will fit – he should come as soon as possible” – for Oly, who, by the way, is very experienced with dogs, there was no doubt anymore. On May 5th, Trasto set off for the beautiful Alsace. And it remains true – the two right ones have found each other here; it was just meant to be.

Oly and Trasto, who is now called BEN, have already become an unbeatable team. Ben integrated incredibly fast and naturally into his new life with Oly. Everything done right – Ben would surely agree with that.

And Ben’s old family on the island, with whom we have continued to stay in touch, is overjoyed – because that’s exactly what they wanted for their Trasto.