This is Leo ♥️


Leo 😍 … 👍Just a really great and impressive guy👍 That’s how we introduced our Leo back in July 2020. Since then this great male has been sitting with us in our animal shelter, for 10 long months . And now we really want to try EVERYTHING so that it won’t be 1 entire year. Leo was handed over to the Perrera Calvià by his old owners after they had adopted him from another Perrera. Since things didn’t go as they had imagined, the poor guy was simply given back – to the next Perrera 😢. Everyone can imagine what that means to an animal.  We were able to take him then to our shelter in Calvià in July.

Leo became 4 years in August; so a male in his prime 😉. The impressive mongrel with the beautiful eyes is truly an amazing appearance – tall, strong but also elegant. He is very smart and willing to learn. He already knows some basic commands, but he should definitely continue to work on a few things with his new people.  Leo is a really strong guy with a sometimes a little impetuous nature, therefore he should go only to people who are experienced with dogs. Small children should currently also not live in the family. Leo is very happy to be with people and seeks their closeness. Staying alone is still quite a problem for him and he tries everything to get attention and care. If you lead him with loving consistency, you will definitely have a great friend and companion by your side. Through consistent positive reinforcement you can achieve a lot. Leo currently gets along well with some dogs and not with others. Of course, this also depends on the respective life situation. The animal shelter stress and the lack of consistency, which is so important for a relationship of trust, is of course not really available at the moment😢. Therefore he should be kept as a single dog at the moment to find peace again. Cats are definitely not his friends and that will probably not change any more. Leo has a great urge to move and would be the ideal companion for people who like to be active and sporty themselves. A (well-fenced) garden should be available.

A great, impressive and sensitive male with a lot of strength and a very big heart is looking for the right people – please help us again with the search and share the post – thank you very much!

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.