Mateo & Silvestre 😍🥰

(in a foster home, joint adoption)

Mateo (white and tabby) and Silvestre (black and white) are two male siblings, they are one year and four months old (they were born in April 2022 🌻). We rescued them from the street in Peguera a year ago and since then they have been with us in foster care 😿.

Mateo is the sweetest cat in the world 🥰. He is a bit of a scaredy-cat (he is easily startled), but he always comes to say good morning 🌞 and good night 🌙 to you, and loves to lay next to you. Silvestre on the other hand doesn’t enjoy the company of people so much. He stands close to you, looks at you and (strongly) judges you 😒, comes close to sniff you… but is not particularly interested in interacting with you.  They are both super playful 🎾🧸🎏 and curious 👀, they love to run after cuddly toys, climb their cat tree, look out of the window… And when they are tired of playing they lie down on their scratching post to take a nap. Although when it is cold, they prefer to sleep on a comfy blanket 😴. They are friendly with other cats 🐱 and they can live with dogs, too 🐶.

Both are already dewormed, vaccinated, tested, castrated and microchipped.
Mateo and Silvestre are funny and very special. We know that Silvestre does not have the affectionate and dependent character that families usually look for, but he is so attached to his brother that we did not feel able to separate them and leave Silvestre in a feline colony (because he is also a very homely cat 🏡, he is just not very interested in people). If you are interested in adopting a very affectionate cat and his shadow, please send us an email.