This is Rocky … ♥️

(May 2024)

This is Rocky … ♥️

We have been asked to help regarding adoption of this beautiful and impressive mixed-breed male. Due to family (understandable!) circumstances, Rocky can no longer stay with his family and unfortunately time is running out. He is now one and a half year old and I met him a few days ago.

Rocky is very active and energetic for his age – but also very friendly, people orientated and affectionate. He gets on well with most other dogs so far, but is still quite clueless and playful when it comes to playing and socialising with other dogs – just a typical strong young dog 🙂. Rocky therefore needs people who can really do him justice and who can also lead and guide him. People who really have enough time and a garden and who don’t live in the centre of the city. Because that would not be appropriate for a young dog of this size. Cats should not be present in his new home.

Rocky has been properly vaccinated and tested negative for leishmaniasis, but has not yet been neutered. This will of course be done. He is a really great young dog with lots of potential – but he really needs to be with the right people and the right environment. Then you will have a really great and loyal companion for life by your side – that’s for sure.

We very much hope that we will find a suitable family (any children should be stable and dog-friendly) very soon – before he has to go to a shelter or perrera. It is of course possible to meet him at any time by prior arrangement.

Please share – thank you very much

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.