This is Simba  ♥️


Simba, an approx. 8 year old Labrador- Malinois mongrel, came to the shelter recently together with her dog buddy Scott. Simba has lived together with Scott and two further small dogs in a small flat. When her owner lost the flat, all the dogs had to be re-homed at short notice and so Simba is now with us. The whole situation is putting a lot of stress on the beautiful dog and she can hardly get any rest at the moment. Unfortunately, the stress level is very high for her. She can only relax when you take her for a walk in the mountains, far away from the shelter. Simba’s life has got completely out of control in a very short time and she can’t really adapt to the new situation.

It would be really great if we could find a new family for her soon. But Simba absolutely should go the right people, already experienced with dogs. To people who can lead her clearly and do her justice. She has not had many opportunities in her life so far and needs to be introduced to many new things. It is really important to give her security, to lead her clearly, to treat her with calmness and patience and of course to have enough time for her.Small children should rather not live in her new family at the moment. Cats definitely should not be around as well. Actually Simba has no big problems with other dogs (she has lived with 3 others), but in the current situation she sometimes reacts quite stressed. A quiet home, preferably with a garden, with people who like to be active and who also offer the clever bitch some mental work – that would probably be the ideal home for our Simba. Please share – thank you very much!

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.