Xena & Frida 😍🥰

(n the clinic of our vet, joint adoption)

These two kittens were found in different places in our town a couple of weeks ago. Since then they are in our veterinary clinic. They are about 3 months old, born in May 2023. Xena is the tortoiseshell kitten, Frida the calico kitten. Although they are not sisters it is as if they were because they spend all the time together and they love each other so much 💞. They are both very tame ❤️, healthy, playful 🧸🎏🥎, lovely and super affectionate 🥰. Now they are anxiously waiting for a loving family with children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who will adopt them for their whole lifes.

They are dewormed, tested, vaccinated, microchipped and will be castrated at 6 months. Our vet is going on holiday soon so we are in a bit of a hurry to find them a permanent home or a foster home. If you want to meet them please go to Dr. Karina Pirron’s clinic in Son Caliu or send us an email.