Dog of the month Toto

TOTO – definitely our dog of the month 💪 ♥️

A dog one can be incredibly proud of. No – a former ANIMAL PROTECTION DOG that one can be incredibly proud of ❤️. After 3 years of training, TOTO passed his mantrailer test on 5 November – with flying colours, of course. He is now part of the BRK Bayreuth rescue dog team and completes the team, which previously consisted of 5 area search dogs. Toto is now the sixth member of the team and is trained as a mantrailer, i.e. person search dog, to track down missing persons. Toto came to our animal shelter in Calvià at the end of 2019. His family no longer wanted him as he was too big, too wild and too strenuous for them.

However, in collaboration with our lovely colleagues at, we then found the perfect home for him with Julia, her husband and their dog Lucy in Germany. They recognised his potential straight away and encouraged him accordingly. And Toto quickly became a balanced and absolutely happy family dog – but with a very special task in life. An animal welfare dog who got his big chance and accepted it. An animal welfare dog that we were able to support – and now HE helps people ♥️.