Happy End for Confit ❤️

Finally arriving – finally coming to rest – finally no more stress and no more fear – finally just being allowed to be a dog and only being loved, finally regularly getting good food … That’s probably what Confit would have asked us for. More than a year “staying” in the Perrera Natura Park – after he was confiscated by the police together with his dog buddies from his former home. And there, too, life was anything but worth living. Confit struggled through it and he always somehow slipped into the background and was overlooked. But now he will never be overlooked again – never again ❤️.

Because all the things Confit wished for have actually come true. He had to wait 8 years for it. Ulrike and her husband Henning discovered him on Facebook and fell in love with him pretty quickly – with this very special guy. However he had to like cats. No problem – he liked them 😁. And so Confit was allowed to start his journey to Germany a few weeks ago. In the meantime, he has absolutely arrived and it is impossible to imagine life without him. He has quickly integrated into everyday life and has completely won over his new family. Even the cats 😃.

Now he never has to be afraid of being pushed away again – now he can completely relax – and of course stay “forever” – as a family dog. We are very happy about this.

Many thanks to Ulrike and Henning for giving him this great chance with you ❤️