Happy ending in a twin pack – for Onyx y Pamina ♥️

In June, these two beautiful young dogs were taken up by the Perrera Calvià – as lost dogs. Since no-one asked for them, we were able to take them to our shelter in Calvià. Big, black, beautiful and extremely attached to each other.

But also incredibly powerful and of course still without “education”. Finding the right people for them was not an easy task, we thought – until Xavier got in touch with us 🙂. Actually looking for a new big black companion, he saw and experienced Onyx and Pamina together. Two dogs to fall in love with immediately – yes definitely. But also dogs that, especially together, would mean an enormous challenge. That was clear to all of us. Because both of them really knew nothing. Leash management, dog encounters, rules  – everything was completely new.

Xavier (who was already experienced with the Pastor Mallorquin breed) was also aware of it, but he decided after various talks and visits with us: “Both of them will get their chance with me together – we will manage this together – we will tackle this 💪“. And so we brought the two beauties to Xavier and his two children a few weeks ago – to their new home on the island. And we admit – there was a tiny bit of doubt at the beginning as to whether it could really be managed that way😉. But Xavier quickly took away these doubts – because he mastered the new situation, which was really not easy at first, really well. Undaunted and clear, but of course with a lot of heart, he continues to show Onyx and Pamina the way through life together. And it’s going very well 😄. An incredible fortune for these two great dogs. Onyx and Pamina were allowed to arrive – together and forever – as full family members ❤️. Thank you Xavier for this great opportunity