This is our Lenny  ♥️


And Alex says – he’s ready now 🙂 Because the little man has been “living” with Alex and her pack for quite some time now and is being prepared for his future life and his own family. And of course Lenny also has a special story. We discovered him a long time ago in the Natura Park perrera – a little panicked heap of misery lying on the floor in a corner – a small dog with no chance at all. We took him with us and only then did we realise how traumatised he really was. Now some time has passed and Lenny has developed really well and made great progress. Weighing approx. 9 – 10 kg and already neutered, he will be 3 years old in July.

And Alex, who of course now knows him best of all, says: “Lenny needs people who are really keen on him – really eager and happy to work with an animal welfare dog (who has to carry his own baggage) and show him the way forward in life together. Lenny definitely needs clear leadership and people who can give him security and guide him well. Another dog or two would certainly be good and a great help for Lenny. He loves other dogs very much and they give him a lot of support. Lenny is a very sweet and friendly, but also very reserved dog who simply needs time to gain trust. In people, not in dogs – he gains trust very quickly 🙂. He still tries to withdraw as quickly as possible from situations that he finds unpleasant. It is therefore very important that you continue to show him (and encourage him to do so) that closeness, trust, togetherness and joint activities are very nice things.

Lenny’s new family should live in a quiet, rural area and have a (well-fenced) garden. Because he loves to be outside. We think that children who already understand dogs are no problem at all. So, Lenny would now be ready – now we just need to find the right people for him. People who will really get involved with our Lenny. Without having too many expectations. And we are sure that these people exist for him – we just have to find them 🙏♥️.

Oh, and Alex would of course be happy to accompany his move to a new family as a dog trainer and “Lenny connoisseur” 🍀

Love at first sight?

Are you interested in giving this wonderful dog finally a new home? If so, please send us an Email. We will then promptly get in touch with you.