This is Sam  ♥️


I met this perfect male Border Collie a few days ago. We have been asked for urgent help for adoption. Sam is 6 years old and has unfortunately just lost his home due to a move. He is currently in a kennel and we hope that we can find a suitable home for him as soon as possible before he has to stay in a shelter 😔. Sam is a very sensitive male dog who is currently quite overwhelmed in some situations and then reacts very insecurely and also nervously. He has definitely not been properly exercised and educated. It is therefore all the more important that he now goes to someone with (breed-) experience – to people who understand him and can lead him clearly, but absolutely with calmness and patience in a manner appropriate to his species, and give him confidence. To people who will give him mental and physical exercise – a basic requirement for a happy and contented Border Collie. Sam needs some time to trust. Hectic and stressful situations, quick uncontrolled movements or distress make him insecure and he reacts accordingly. If you give him enough time and don’t push him, he comes by himself, signals his beginning trust and his willingness to slowly get involved with people.

Sam is a really great dog with a lot of potential, who just needs to be properly guided and challenged. Typical of a Border Collie, he is very clever, receptive and curious. Due to his current insecurities he should not be go to a home with small children. Other dogs don’t seem to be a problem at all and he doesn’t react much to cats either. Sam definitely needs his chance. With the right people by his side, he will quickly develop positively and be a wonderful companion. 🐾 Please share – thank you very much

Love at first sight?

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