Please fight you little puppy!

This little puppy has just been brought to us.

About 1 – 2 days old, still with remains of the umbilical cord 😥. Fished out of a dust bin – wrapped into two garbage bags including residual rubbish😣. A man who had just arrived at his workplace (boat preparation) in Pt Andratx heard the squeaking coming from the rubbish bin. He searched through the rubbish and found the well-tied bin liner and the baby (of course they also looked for any further babies).

They freed the little one and then came straight to us at the animal shelter. The little puppy is totally hypothermic and dehydrated. It is now being examined at the Clinica Canis in Palma. We are praying that this little creature will get its chance 🙏🏻. Everything we can do we will do for it.

I’m going to hold back my opinion about the people who did this 😔.Sometimes it is incredibly difficult not to lose faith in humans 😪